About Us

About the DownTown Association

The Grande Prairie DownTown Association acts as the leading support system for the vibrant downtown community. We aim to preserve the charm and attraction of Grande Prairie’s core while keeping our principles, practices, and purposes aligned with current trends, to ensure our city continues to thrive.

We do it all, including:

  • Develop and execute strategies aimed at encouraging tourism and educating the public
  • Create special events, sales, and promotions tailored to the city centre
  • Execute special programs, including the street cleaning program and the promotion of unique business opportunities
  • Establish a budget to fund activities and projects for the Business Improvement Area (BIA), also known as the Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ)
  • Seek funding, as well as lobbying the City of Grande Prairie, to design better development strategies and maintain our beautiful city core

About the Downtown Association

New Businesses

The future of Grande Prairie lives and breathes in the city centre. With everything from office buildings to apartment complexes, downtown remains a place of established culture, the main hub of the city where we work, live, eat, play, and shop together.

In Grande Prairie, we work as a team, and our city centre is no different. Aimed at solving problems, launching initiatives, and fostering a better, higher quality community feeling, the DownTown Association, and all its volunteer members, work with you to create the best Grande Prairie we can.

Current Businesses

Once you’re a part of our association, from your first day onwards, we aim to provide exemplary service that benefits you. We work to keep our downtown neighbourhood a clean and convenient location to work, shop, eat, and so much more.

Part of this means keeping you up-to-date on the activities of the Association and events in the neighbourhood. As a member business, you’ll be kept informed of all the significant happenings in the city centre. We’ll also include – at no extra cost – all the information relevant to your business, including specials, deals, and events.

The downtown is a vital community hub for the city, as well as the larger Peace Region. Together, we can ensure it stays that way.