Art in the Alley

August 22, 2023

To Grande Prairie, Mural Movement

It’s been said that a picture tells a thousand words.


T. Sedore Photography – Nordic Court – Better Than Fred’s – 92 Bev Co. – Off The Wheaten Path Vegan & Gluten Free Eatery Tea Room – Vianney Mobile – 100 Flavours Restaurant – Insurely Inc. – Taylor & Company

In the dynamic world of urban artistry, murals not only add visual charm to cityscapes but also unfold compelling stories through the diverse perspectives of participating artists. The Grande Prairie Downtown Association’s  Art in the Alley project stands as a testament to this creative spirit, transforming back alleys into vibrant canvases that breathe life into the city core.

Various businesses in the City Centre, including T. Sedore Photography, Better Than Fred’s, and 92 Bev Co., have embraced this initiative, contributing to the city’s vision of a modern, inviting, and interactive experience for residents and tourists alike. A Grant of $20 000. given by the City of Grande Prairie to the Downtown Association started this path of artistic change a few years ago. The Downtown Association in turn facilitates and grants portions of this funding to businesses, fostering a collaborative effort to revitalize the downtown area.

Executive Director Wendy Bosch envisions the project as a core-wide venture that sets the City Centre apart as an exceptional, unique destination for art, fun, and photos. She expresses, “We anticipate this program achieving tremendous success, transforming our City Centre, one mural at a time, into an exceptional, unique destination where people are drawn for the enjoyment of art, entertainment, and memorable photographic moments.”

At 92 Bev Co., the mural “Strength” symbolizes resilience with a bull inside a balloon, showcasing the omnipresence of strength in life’s journey. Tanya Sedore Photography’s mural, titled “Hero of My Life,” features a comic book cape, a reminder of our ability to positively impact the world. Meanwhile, Better Than Fred’s pays tribute to Freddie Mercury, the iconic lead singer of Queen, immortalizing him with wings crafted from his matador jacket.

Artist Serena Love, the creative force behind these murals, acknowledges the transformative power of the Art in the Alley project. Beyond the expansive canvases, the project has become a catalyst for meaningful community interactions, demonstrating the capacity of public art to touch hearts and create moments of peace.

One poignant encounter during the creation of a mural that Love refers to exemplifies the project’s impact. A passerby, having walked these streets for seven years, found solace in the art, expressing, “I don’t see art, I feel your heart.” This encounter, a testament to the therapeutic potential of art, affirmed that amidst life’s chaos, artwork can serve as a pocket of peace, fostering healing and connection.

The Art in the Alley project extends far beyond the mere embellishment of walls; it stands as a dynamic catalyst for hope and inspiration, touching individuals from all walks of life. The murals, each with its unique meanings and artistic expressions, serve as powerful testaments to the transformative impact that art can have on a community. These vibrant creations, echoing through the streets of Grande Prairie, promise to leave an enduring legacy, enriching the city’s cultural tapestry for years to come.